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The precise origins of cooking are unknown, but, at some point in the distant past, early humans conquered fire and started using it to prepare food. Researchers have found what appear to be the remains of campfires made 1.5 million years ago by Homo erectus, one of the early human species. In fact, anthropologists such… Continue reading Here we read an article from Sirous Tosh

The Professionalization Of Cooking

The other topic of this article that sirous tosh exolain about it isThe Professionalization Of Cooking In most traditional societies, the task of daily food preparation fell primarily to women—though both men and women were heavily involved in food procurement. Civilization allowed more people to specialize in other occupations, and that trend eventually produced a… Continue reading The Professionalization Of Cooking

The impact of the “Cooking”

Sirous tosh mentioned that : The impact of the “Cooking with a Chef” program on mealtime practices of parents and caregivers was evalu- ated using a quasi-experimental de- sign with one control and one inter- vention group. The intervention group consisted of a random sample of parents and caregivers of preschool children from the Church… Continue reading The impact of the “Cooking”